Design trends for 2017, themed around eco conscious design and fresh inspirations.

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Hermes Wall paper, Morning

Interior design has changed its face since a few years under the impulsion of new life style, new techniques and technologies available, new consumptions requirements.

Kelly Wearstler interiors

Those changes are going on through 2017 within a trend that design more clearly the new face of the interior design look & looks.

Kelly Wearstler interiors 

While cities are becoming larger and more unfriendly/ unhealthy with pollution and stress, the more the inhabitation (offices, private houses etc) are being privileged.

Kelly Wearstler interiors 

There is a quest for cosy, peaceful and welcoming interiors (comfortable and not only nice).

Also, grey or mono-colour interiors are fully over and the quest for lively colours, printed partners, fantasy in shapes is more and more visible (Master in the style being Kelly Wearstler).

Minimalism to the majority is not desirable anymore but rather rich warm colours and materials.

Kelly Wearstler interiors 

In 2017, interiors have gain in personality, character and the interior design industry is offering a large panels of products to supply the demand of this modern state of mind.  

Those global trends show worldwide a freedom of compositions, freedom to mix, freedom to desire and create. 
However, please remind: all to be done with stylishness, elegance, fashionableness and urban bon ton.

Photo Stephan Julliard

The preoccupation for hearth preservation is adding up to that requirement, pushing for organic, natural and eco materials.
Artisanal, authentic, somehow unique products are being preferred to industrial ones. 

Photo Stephan Julliard

Tai ping Chroma et opalescentI

People want to buy less but better in a conservation and not consumption state of mind. However, the fell for changes is not over but stronger….

To conclude in one word: in 2017 the trend will be driven by dream, love and colourful fantasy.

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