The Fast, The Furious and…The Fashionable???

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Rallye des Caprices: a quintessentially Swiss event filled with beautiful women, stunning alpine landscape and old sports cars, what could possibly be more elegant, probably not a lot. 

The idea behind the rally is one of great intent, getting women together over the course of a 3-day weekend. A lot of rallies that take place obviously target our male counterparts and usually take up an entire week, which is a lot of commitment!!!! For Rallye des Caprices it is set throughout the Swiss Alps with all its refinement and exclusivity that that elicits. And come on..check out the ride !

The aim of the rally is to not necessarily go fast the entire time but to have an average speed of 45 km/h. Now this may seem a fairly docile pace for a rally but take into consideration the treacherous mountain roads! At certain points you must be slow when navigating the bend but then after it is important to basically put your foot on it and go hell for leather to keep up and maintain the average speed needed. A sort of treasure map like, the “road book” was given which must be followed with meticulous detail.

The road map would have a tree, a rock, or maybe a church or numerous other features of the surroundings to describe how to reach the desired location; this was so much fun! There were controls throughout the course and check points to pass through. In the regulations it was stated that speeds should not be altered before the check points however this was not monitored and clearly not regarded as important or applicable to them by some drivers.

Thébaïdes’ sponsor for the event was the contemporary Japanese restaurant Akiko in Lausanne, which Thebaïde did the interior for. The restaurant concept offers take away and eat-in options and cocktails in the evening. The main focus of the restaurant concept being exceptionally refined  fresh Asian food at very reasonable price.

Starting off with a cocktail the Tuesday night before in Geneva and then departing early Wednesday from Grand Hôtel du Lac in Vevey. The drive would then go on to Interlaken at night and the next day to Crans Montana to the idyllic le Hostellerie du Pas-de-l’Ours (or the bears’ foot print). Finishing off on the Sunday afternoon at Beau-Rivage in Lausanne.


Despite this amazing program and exiting roads, there were a couple problems with the event such as unclear branding, is it a ballade or is it a Rally? Then shall it be a clean competition as it is all ladies driving elegantly classic cars? Moreover whilst we all like to indulge occasionally here and there, how many women can stick to a fully Swiss diet of heavy (albeit delicious) fondue and fried cheese dishes for lunches, not quite what one expects when considering the event.

Overall, the event is a marvellous idea and really something that would be wonderful to see expand over the next few years. But when there are prizes of beautiful diamond watches involved for the winning team, attention should be paid to those that perhaps are not adhering to the regulations quite so copiously!